The food supplements of vitamins, aminoacids and electrolytes that Travipharma has produced are made from pure raw materials. First of all, they optimize body-resistance and metabolism so that these supplements are indispensable. For example, they your poultries performance during the breeding season. You want to prevent infection diseases from breaking out, of course. Also, these supplements work to restore and improve performance. Overall, our supplements help out in health, training and breeding of pigeons and poultry. 

Our supplements are also produced under the strictest GMP requirements (Good Manufacturing Practice). 

Check out some of our best-selling products for:


Bio 1 - 100 ml

Bio 1 is a unique misture of herbs, which maintains a good oxygeneration, bloodcirculation and it gives the skin a more pink color It's indispensable for the construction of good skin tissue. Oral solution. Mixture of herbs which purifies the blood.


Bio 2 - 100 ml

Bio 2 helps protect the bronchial tubes. It dissolves the mucus in the throat and maintains a regular breathing. It ensures an opened passage in the palate. it is also effective against acute and chronic throat inflammation. 


Bio 3 - 100 ml

Bio 3 helps combat stress symptoms. It avoids backsliding of the form. It helps strengthen the muscles and stimulate the sex urges. This complex activates the pigeon and helps it get in a top form to deliver a top performance.


Eye-Conditioner - 30 ml

Eye-conditioner is a product that is very effective to many eye problems. It helps with: blocked tear ducts, watery eyes, one eye cold, irritated eye etc.


Fertility Booster Cock - 100 tab

Fertility Booster Cock is supportive product for optimal condition during fertility in the breeding season.


Fertility Booster Hen - 100 tab

Fertility Booster Hen is a supportive product for an optimal condition during fertility in the breeding season.



Forte Vita is a powerful natural product that maintains optimal health in your colony. This elixir contains minerals, trace elements and very well balanced herbal extract in a powerful biological acid.

* Unit price: €18,00 / Liter

Knoflook + Ui

Garlic and onion juice has a positive effect on the blood circulation. It improves fertility and purges the blood. It has a positive effect on intestinal disorders. It improves the condition and moulding, clears the throat and battles fatigue.


Omega Olie mix - 500 ml

Omega Olie Mix is a unique energy source. It contains the pure scientific proportion of 3-6-9- fatty acids, which are purely natural, combined with pure sheep fat. It directly provides extra energy. It slows down inflammation and improves orientation (=ho


Provibac - 500 ml

Provibac is a unique natural feed additive. It contains fructooligosacchariden, a vitamin complex and more. It can be administered through water dropping. It maintains a good bowel flora. 


Setrachol - 1000 ml

Oral solution. Setrachol is an unique liver tonic that benefits the recuperation after performances. Nurtures the muscles after physical exertion. <p>Packing: 1000 ml



Oral solution. Powerful natural product that maintains optimal health. Travernatura is a powerful natural product that maintains optimal health in your colony. This elixir contains minerals and trace elements in a powerful fruit acid.


Travi-Allicin-Plus (Pigeon) - 100 ml

Oral solution. Anti-viral, antibacterial & immunity Booster.


Travi-Bronco-Pigeon - 250 ml

Oral solution. Natural disinfectant with essential oils and especially suitable for respiratory problems.


Travi-Carni - 250 ml

Travi-Carni is a dietary supplement for pigeons with L-carnitine and enriched with vitamins and amino acids to improve performance during the racing season.


Travi-Electrolyte - 600 g

Travy-Electrolyte is a supplement full with electrolytes and enriched with sugar. It prevents the animal from the process of dehydration after effort. It provides the body all the substances lost during physical exertion (such as flight and diarrhea). Tr


Travi-Glucose + Vitamins - 500 g

Travi-Glucose + Vitamins is a supplement full with natural sugars and enriched with vitamins. It is absorbed directly by the blood. It fastly supplies energy and helps pigeons recover from illness and physical fatigue after a heavy flight. It is rich in a


Travi-Vit - 600 g

Travi-Vit is a combination of vitamins, amino-acids, minerals and trace elements that support pigeons during the racing season and during the moulding and breeding period. It also works for poultry.


Turbo - Disinfect - Oral

Powerful herb extract for pigeons and hobby animals. Anti: Geel, Cocci, E-colli, Salmonella
Positive influence as total disinfectant against microorganisms of the digestive tract and the respiratory tract Increases the body resistance.

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